Bahareh Karamifar

“My visual expression is deeply rooted in my fascination and love for the sacred texts of ancient India, the holy Vedas and the Mahabharata and awareness of my galactic origin’s relation to the blue races from the star Vega, the Hindu deities Rama and Krishna, the kings of Solar and Lunar dynasties on earth . While reading Mahabharata I re-lived the beautiful Treta yuga and memories of the Satya yuga. I reconnected to my soul family and best friend “Krishna” and connected to streams of light and love of these Yugas. I foresaw “Portals” opening up, to the rebirth of Satya Yuga, the Golden Age of Earth and the return of the Crystal Races and their energetic influence in our world. Their sweet, beautiful, soft, wise energy, opening us up to the highest vibration of Love.

“My recent artwork is a visual representation of this energy. The lines, shapes, forms, colors, symbols, they all carry these energies. The frequencies radiating from these vedic deities are making their way back to earth, in a new form, true to their essence, as described in the Rig Veda, while honoring the time that has passed between the last time they were on earth and now. These frequencies are going to be embodied by all of the human race in this new golden age on earth. Every one of us will fully embody our full divine potential, our avatar bodies, while living on earth in our present physical bodies. Shri Aurobindo and the Mother called this the “dawn of the new world” and this process has already started. In my artwork I illustrate the clothing, the jewelry, technology, education, relationship, Portals and state of consciousness of this New Golden Age.”

Samples of Bahareh’s artwork

Agni – Solar Deity of Fire
Apas – Deity of Water
Womb Wisdom Oracle
Womb Temple
They Dance in Fire

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