David Kupferman

“Painting for me is a sacred ritual that acts as a bridge between the inner oneness of pure consciousness and the outer manifestation of the art. They are visual hymns of transformation — a celebration of the unity and diversity of life.

I paint in a spontaneous manner, a kind of joyous improvisation. My paintings are inspired by both Eastern and Western aesthetics and philosophy. They are based on my daily meditations that I have done for over 50 years where I experience inner eternal rhythms and patterns of nature — the flow of infinite consciousness that underlies everything as one vibratory field of energy.

“There are often geometric, rectangular shapes that act as portals, doors and windows that facilitate movement in and out of the picture plane becoming symbols and metaphors for transcendence. The movement takes the viewer on a transformational journey from point to infinity pulsating between movement and stability expressing the wholeness of life. They are experienced on multiple levels simultaneously; visual, emotional, conceptual and spiritual leading to inner radiance.”

Samples of David’s artwork

Sea Light
Moment of Being
Soul Psalm

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