Margaret Letzkus

“The excitement of combining color and composition to create visual impact in my artwork sustains my existence. Energy is an important element in my work with each piece vibrating at its own frequency. It may be highly charged, tranquil, or a combination of rhythms.

“Being raised in the vast southwest, I have an affinity for space and the importance of allowing color to take wings, expand, or limit its use within the confines of a piece. My oriental paintings bring me a calming as well as deeply spiritual sensitivity. An idea can be transmitted on multiple levels at once. Large pieces, which are done with acrylics, excite my imagination with infinite possibilities while small works of mixed media demand the discipline of limited space and the careful selection of components.

“Creative energy flows from the unknown. Perhaps it is the mythical, the Universe, or a divine source. The process is very spiritual.”

Samples of Margaret’s artwork

Sacred Sandstone Cliffs
The Ancients Speak

Spirits United

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