William Hurlin

“As part of a life-long fascination with early cultures, I have collected the art and artifacts of ancient civilizations for many years. I am continually amazed by the beauty and craftsmanship of ancient artifacts, and love to create beautiful and interesting jewelry that shows them to best advantage.

“Many of the artifacts I work with were worn in ancient times as amulets that were regarded to confer spiritual power, the blessings of deities or protections against seen and unseen perils.

“My goal is to design and make unique and beautiful jewelry that incorporates these wonderful artifacts so that they may be worn, touched and appreciated instead of lying in dark drawers or behind glass. These artifacts provide an immediate tactile and visual connection with the people of earlier times that stimulates curiosity about their lives and amazement at their superb craftsmanship.”

Samples of William’s artwork

Egyptian Faience Amulet
Roman Fists and Phallus Amulet
Viking Sea Serpent Pendant
Buddhist Bead from Kushinagar, India

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