Swan Montague

“My sacred wall hangings remind us who we are in our most divine essence. They evoke a deep remembrance of our divine nature, uplifting the soul and calling the spirit home to the grace and joy of our true nature.”

“The mystical beauty and powerful symbolism of the sacred veils strike one into a heartfelt meditative silence that opens the gateways of consciousness, striking chords of truth and resonance that echo through one’s innermost being. Each one is a slow, deeply revealing, personal visionary journey and a mystical experience of the sanctum of our own souls.

“The veils of our own hearts open as the temple veils illumine for us the very nature of our divine cosmic world and our own essence as divine humans.”

Samples of Swan’s artwork

Tibetan Sunset Temple
Temple of the Mary Magdalene Rose

Temple of Quan Yin
Balanese Prayer Curtain

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